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Vintage Wally Hall

* In today's column lamenting "the Roller Coaster Razorbacks" (note: subscription required to view the link), Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist and sports editor Wally Hall comes up with this vintage Wallyism:

The Hogs need to get off the roller coaster and settle down. They are at their best when they are patient on offense and tenacious on defense, and it doesn’t hurt if Clarke is hotter than a South American lizard’s breath.

Absolutely classic.

* Speaking of Arkansas scribes, Harry King of Stephens Media had a spot-on observation about this year's Hog basketball team in his column today:

Like many other teams across the country, the Razorbacks are just good enough to win some games and just bad enough to lose some games — the sort of uneven performance that drives fans and coaches batty.

 And another spot-on observation from Mr. King:

Arkansas is 14-7 with nine regular season games remaining, including five in Fayetteville. One is a non-conference gimme. Nineteen wins during the regular season would get the Razorbacks into the NIT. Like it or not, that would be measurable progress.

(Hat tip to Whit for the King link.)