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Special Arkansas Football Recruiting Hodge Podge

There was no shortage of great recruiting commentary after National Signing Day. Here are some of our favorite recent links:

* Nobody knows more about Arkansas sports than Jim Harris, and his summary of this year's recruiting season is typically excellent. He puts the Hogs' incoming class at 6th best in the conference.

* Matt Jones is no slouch when it comes to Razorback expertise, either, and also offers great perspective on the recruiting game. He reminds us that nobody beats Petrino at identifying under-the-radar prospects, and singles out the awesomely-named Kane Whitehurst as a player to watch in the future.

* Recruiting expert Otis Kirk offers up a nice summary of the 2011 class, complete with comments from the coaches, and fellow guru Richard Davenport gives us the breakdown from CBS analyst Tom Lemming.

* ESPN's Chris Low weighs in with his usual rational and balanced evaluation. He singles out incoming WRs like Keante Minor and Quinta Funderburk, and gives the Razorbacks a B.

* More from Jones: a profile of future star QB Brandon Allen. I'm very excited about this kid.

* Our friend Jerry Hinnen offers his perspective on SEC recruiting winners and losers. He rates the Razorbacks as losers, if only because a solid class isn't as good as an awesome one.

* Lastly, please welcome the first recruit of the 2012 class: WR Jalen Cobb from the receiver factory that is Warren, AR.