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So Close: Georgia 60, Arkansas 59

Sorry for not getting a post-game thread up last night. We'll be back with some more basketball talk later but for now, consider this your place to rehash last night's contest.

I wasn't surprised at the outcome by any stretch - Georgia is a very solid team. And I thought the Hogs really battled and showed some nice composure in the game's final minutes. The whiner in me would like to complain about the obvious walk that Trey Thomkins got away with on the Bulldogs' final possession, but bad calls - or in this case, no calls - are part of the game. And the Hogs pretty much sealed their fate by bricking nine of their 20 free throws.

At this point in the season, I have come to a fairly Zen-like acceptance of this team. It is a very limited one, but I have to admire their effort. They are, more or less, a team of role players. My hope is that, when combined with the talent in next year's recruiting class, these players will provide a necessary and solid supporting cast. In the meantime, I will enjoy their victories and refuse to have a stroke over their defeats.