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NCAA to Look Into Auburn's Recruiting in Arkansas?

If you're not already sitting down, you may want to do so before reading any further. You will be shocked - SHOCKED - to hear this, but it seems that some crazy individuals believe that something fishy may be going on with Auburn's football recruiting practices. What gave them that wild notion we have no idea.

Despite Cam Newton being ruled eligible to play in the BCS title game, the NCAA is continuing to investigate some curious happenings with the Tigers' recruiting. They're currently looking around at their activity in Louisiana, and today Alabama radio host Scott Moore said they're going to extend that investigation into Arkansas also. As you'll recall, Auburn has done well in the Natural State recently, scooping up top players Michael Dyer and Kiehl Frazier in back-to-back years...a noted sore spot for many Hog fans.

(Word of warning: everyone in Alabama is clearly completely insane when it comes to football-related matters, so you may want to take any info emanating from there with a grain of salt.)

Should the NCAA start poking around in Arkansas, perhaps they'll want to learn more about this picture of Auburn TE (and former Little Rock Christian player and official good buddy of Michael Dyer) Dakota Mosley while they're at it.