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Recruitingmania: 2011 National Signing Day Open Thread

After months of message board speculation, National Signing Day is here. What will the Hogs' class end up looking like? Will it be a continuation of the "start strong, finish less strong" meme that has some people concerned, or does Bobby Petrino have any last minute tricks up his sleeve?

Here are some things to watch:

* Where will Lonnie Gosha sign? The highly-rated DT from Union County, FL originally signed with Florida State before committing to the Hogs. Since then, though, he's been checking out the Miami Hurricanes pretty closely. Will he stick with the Razorbacks, or is he bound for Da U? Update: Gosha has signed with Arkansas.

* Do we have a chance at TE Andrew Peterson? What about DE Brandon Alexander? Or, in a long shot that would certainly end things on a good note, what about CB Charles Jackson? Update: Peterson to Arkansas, Alexander to Texas A&M, Jackson to Nebraska.

* What about Chris Barnett? As Jim Harris noted in our Sunday podcast, the talented TE is something of a mercurial fellow, switching high schools and college choices seemingly right and left. After committing to Arkansas (after originally going with Oklahoma, by the way), he recently announced that he's now also considering Michigan and Miami and won't sign anywhere until later in the month. Not looking super favorable for the good guys at this point. Update: Barnett to Michigan.

We'll be posting updates here throughout the day, but also definitely recommend checking in on the signing day pages at Whole Hog Sports and Arkansas Sports 360 for the full list and status for all the recruits.

And, most of all, definitely don't be shy about weighing in with your own thoughts as things happen. WPS!