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A Modest Wager has issued a position-by-position breakdown of the SEC recruiting rankings...if you're fascinated by the analysis that Arkansas had the 3rd best defensive end class or that Kentucky had the worst offensive line group, this is required reading.

Personally, I was particularly interested by the fact that Ole Miss was rated having the best wide receiver class in the entire conference. If you were a hotshot high school WR (or QB, for that matter) who's even remotely been paying attention to college football for the last few years, why would you hitch your fortunes to Houston Nutt? Very mysterious.

Related to that, here's my modest wager: I'll go on record as boldly saying that, when we look back on the class of 2011 in three years, the Hogs' 4th ranked crop of WRs will have better (even significantly better) on-field production than the Black Bears' top-ranked group. Anyone want to take me up on that, or should we just submit this entire blog post to the Department of Obvious Statements?

(h/t to Robbie Neiswanger for the link)