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Willy Robinson Is Out as Defensive Coordinator

The carousel keeps on spinning. That's right, folks, Willy Robinson is out as defensive coordinator.

I'll miss the mustache. I won't miss the gaudy offensive totals that our opponents regularly ran up.

Here's the lowdown from Chris Low of

And from Chris Bahn of, here's Petrino's comment on Willy's firing "resignation":

"I want to thank Willy Robinson for his role in helping our defense, which he leaves in better shape than when he arrived. I have the utmost respect for Willy Robinson as an individual who wants the best for the young men he coaches. I give Willy credit for his part in the building process the last four years and wish him future success."

So, who's the early front-runner to be the new DC? I hear Houston Nutt is now accepting offers.