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An Update On The Arkansas Coaching Carousel

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In case you haven't heard, but I bet you have, Garrick McGee is now the new head coach at UAB. Congrats, Garrick, and good luck with the Broyles Award. You deserve it. And because you do, you'll be sorely missed by Hog fans everywhere. All of us who saw the ESPN documentary saw from behind the scenes what a good coach and good role model Coach McGee was for our players.

But some good news is to be found in the addition category, and that is Paul Petrino, as I imagined he might, is returning to Arkansas from Illinois and will take part in bowl prep as well as coaching in the bowl game itself. It is great that we won't be down an offensive coach and that Paul is very familiar with the program and how Bobby runs things. Welcome back, Paul.

John L. Smith, special teams coach and Petrino mentor, is headed out to take the head coaching job at his alma mater, Weber State. Former head coaches aren't easy to keep on a coaching staff for very long. I sorta thought that Smith might want to retire from coaching at Arkansas, but I guess not. Thanks Coach Smith for your contributions to the program. Hopefully your replacement will continue your good work and make improvements as well. As for Smith's replacement, I have to say at the top of my wish list is that the new guy knows how to make improvements on the coverage teams.