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In Other News, the Basketball Season Has Started

I have a confession to make: I haven't paid much attention at all to the Razorback basketball team this season. That may mean the federal government will revoke my blogging license but so be it: I cannot hide the truth anymore. (And judging by the attendance numbers, I'm not the only fan having trouble getting amped up for the season.)

I wish I could say my early-season apathy was just the result of an extra interesting Arkansas football season and the time-consuming demands of a new job. But the reality is that after last season, I was so burned out on following Hog hoops that not even the arrival of a new and proven head coach and a heralded recruiting class has been enough to seriously engage me. The recent explosion of Marshawn Powell's knee hasn't helped either.

But to quote Fannie Lou Hamer, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired." I'm ready to re-engage - just in time for a likely nationally televised butt-kicking at the hands of the defending national champions.

I won't be able to watch today's contest as it happens (I'm lucky enough to be going with some chums to the SEC Championship Game) but I've got the DVR ready to go. Given the Hogs' lack of depth and size, I'm not expecting much out of this afternoon's game, but I am excited about getting my first look at B.J. Young, Rashad Madden and the rest of the newcomers.

The Razorbacks may be in for another mediocre season record-wise, but with Mike Anderson at the helm, there's every reason to believe that the program - at long, long last - is finally on the road to recovery.

I'm ready to join the journey.