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Hogs vs. Hogs: What Would Be The Result?

No game this weekend. That's a first since the bye week, which seems like a million years ago. No game this weekend, unless you are okay with playing a hypothetical game. Some of you, myself included, have no doubt been playing the "Arkansas vs. Georgia" game in your head. As I've written before on here, I don't think there would be too many things sweeter in life than to see a Bobby Petrino (on the Georgia enemies list right next to Sherman) Arkansas team go into Atlanta and soundly beat Georgia for the SEC Championship. Maybe next year. But here's another hypothetical game to play. What if the 2010 Razorback team were to play the 2011 team next weekend? Of course, they would have some of the same players, but enough differences exist, I think, to make this an interesting question to ponder. Take your pick in the poll and share your thoughts on which team would win if the Mallett led 2010 (10-2, rs) squad could face off against the (10-2, rs) Wilson squad of 2011. UPDATE: Chris Bahn has a nice stat comparison over on Arkansassports360 of the two teams.