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Top Ten Jobs For Houston Nutt

Colonel Nutt is soon to be just Houston Nutt again after it was announced that he will no longer be the head coach at Ole Miss after the end of the season. So it goes. I have to say that I think the SEC is losing one of its true characters. But if I were an Ole Miss fan, I know I would prefer winning over all that makes Houston Nutt one of the least boring head coaches to lead a team in the SEC. That is what Arkansas fans wanted too - wins on a more consistent basis than not and was more than willing to take on a less dynamic personality to get them. With a twelve game SEC losing streak, it is really no shocker that Ole Miss would fire Nutt. I am sure that he isn't looking to a blog for career advice, but knowing Houston Nutt the football character more than Houston Nutt, the man, admittedly, I thought I would make some suggestions anyway.

1.) Head Coach of the Memphis Tigers: The Tigers are having another awful season. And Houston has proven that he can come in and pump up a team at least for a spell and get them to winning again. Other benefits include the fact that his wife can keep her horse farm in Mississippi and be near to it, and Houston Nutt can look across the river and see where he is exiled from and give Arkansas the finger from atop the Peabody hotel anytime he wants. Plus, the University of Memphis through its basketball program knows something about dealing with coaches that come with controversy.

2.) Spokesman for the National Rope Manufacturers Association: I can see the grin and the slogan, "The Coach Who Taught His Players Never To Let Go Of The Rope."

3.) Return to his old job at Boise State: That Chris Peterson hasn't done anything with the Broncos, right? haha, yeah right! Or how about go back to his alma mater, Oklahoma State? They need a revival right? haha.

4.) A high school teacher in an American inner city: Nutt has long claimed that he is really all about making a difference in the lives of young people. Would he be willing to follow the footsteps of his parents and do that for say $35,000 a year? Does Jimmy Sexton make those type of deals?

5.) My personal favorite option is this one here: Write, direct, and star in "Elmer Gantry" the movie. He already has acting credits in "The Blindside" and "Family Guy" as Quagmire.

6.) With his many millions, he could start and run a foundation to assist his former college quarterbacks who never really became all that "special" get a new start in life.

7.) Houston Nutt could run for the Republican nomination for president. I think he would actually add some gravitas and leadership experience to the current field of candidates.

8.) I imagine this is Nutt's favorite option and the reason he asked to stay on through the end of the season. He could beat number one LSU, just like in 2007, and then ask Jimmy Sexton to find him another SEC team to snap him up  like Ole Miss did. I can see the pitch. "Texas A&M, Sherman only coaches one half of ball. You'll need a coach that can coach a whole game in the SEC. Need one with SEC experience? Well, Houston Nutt would love to be an Aggie. He really always has been one, you know." And Texas A&M would probably have a pretty good team as long as Sherman's players were in the majority. Probably get a Cotton Bowl win or two.

9.) Roller Coaster Operator: I am pretty sure Nutt would have had Ole Miss back in a bowl game next year and the year after, but then he would have two bad years after that. The man is a roller coaster of a coach. And, yeah, put a pack of cigarettes under the sleeve of a white t-shirt, throw on a few tattoos, and I can see Houston Nutt running a roller coaster as a carney.

10.) City Tour Guide for the Dallas Metropolitan area: Think about it. He could lead tours by the Cotton Bowl and by Cowboy Stadium and point out where a certain coach beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl and won back to back Cotton Bowls at Ole Miss. While wearing his trademark plantation hat, he could then tell Chinese tourists that there is no bigger game in all of college football than the Cotton Bowl itself.

Okay, now what suggestions do you have? And if you think I was being a bit harsh on poor old Houston Dale, just remember that he walks away from Ole Miss more the millionaire than he was before. Houston is going to be okay. And however he reincarnates himself, expect some headlines and drama of some kind to follow.