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Battle for the Boot: Arkansas' Receivers vs LSU's Vaunted Secondary

If there's one thing that Arkansas fans, LSU fans and neutral parties can agree on, it's that the Tigers have a legitimately frightening defense. Stacked with big, fast and strong playmakers at every position, they've shut down every offense they've faced this year. The Hogs will surely have to play their best game of the year to make any significant impact on the scoreboard.

In particular, Tyrann Mathieu, the ball-hawking CB known as the Honey Badger for his opportunistic ferocity, has been getting a lot of attention all season long. How does one of the top Razorback receivers, let's say Joe Adams, stack up against such an elite talent?

Let's go to the video:


Ok, maybe that's not the best example. How would another receiver, perhaps Cobi Hamilton, fare against LSU's highly touted Morris Claiborne? Maybe even with LB Karnell Hatcher thrown into the mix for an extra degree of difficulty? Again, to the video:

Hmm. Should be a very interesting game.