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Knile Davis, If You Are Reading, Here Is What We Collectively Think

Word has gotten out of Fayetteville that Knile Davis is back at practice, and there is some speculation that he might return before the season ends. Though more recently, Bobby Petrino has been quoted as saying that Davis is not ready yet to come back. I wonder if that might change if the Hogs were to find themselves in Atlanta or even in New Orleans on January the 9th? If Davis has been listening to talk radio, he has heard that he shouldn't risk it, that he should come back because he'll be gone after next year anyway, that we need all the firepower we can get going against LSU's defense, and that no he should stay on the sidelines because Dennis Johnson is doing a good job and we don't want to mess up his rhythm. Some good arguments on both sides, I think, though I confess that I only believe he should come back if the Hogs are in the national title game, for that is a once in a lifetime, most likely, opportunity. What do you think? Let us know in the poll below.