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That Was Highly Enjoyable: Arkansas 49, Tennessee 7

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Suddenly, those sluggish, hypertension-causing wins against Ole Miss and Vandy seem oh so far away.

For the second straight week, the Hogs turned in a helluva good performance, and for the second straight year, they are playing their best ball in the regular season's final month. To make matters even more entertaining, Boise State lost earlier today, and, as I type this deathless bit of prose, Stanford is trailing at halftime, meaning the Hogs could climb a few notches in the BCS rankings.

As for the game itself, there were many, many highlights: Joe Adams' incredible punt return for a touchdown, Dennis Johnson's 71-yard touchdown run, Jarius Wright becoming the school's leader in career receptions, to name just a few. And, oh yeah, it was nice to see Broderick Green and De'Anthony Curtis run for touchdowns in their final Fayetteville game. (Although it was also a bummer to see poor De'Anthony fumble on Arkansas' final possession and remind everyone of the '08 Kentucky game.) 

That game in Baton Rouge on Thanksgiving weekend gets more interesting by the minute.