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A Weekend Of Top Ten Matches In The SEC

College football fans will naturally be turning their eyes to Tuscaloosa this weekend as LSU and Bama go after one another in Hector vs. Achilles fashion. But at the same time, literally unfortunately, there will be a top ten match-up in Fayetteville only for the second time since 1979 when Arkansas goes to battle with South Carolina. The last top ten match-up was September 25th 2010. We hope things turn out better for the Hogs this time. I'll have one television in one room carrying the Hogs and a television in another room carrying LSU vs. Bama and will probably walk a groove in the hardwood floor pacing back and forth, haha. Here's a poll for you to weigh in on what you think will be the outcome of the second most important (in our eyes) top ten SEC matchup of next weekend.