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Rasputin Makes His Auburn Prediction. What's Yours?


In anticipation of tomorrow's battle against Auburn, we asked Rasputin, our staff soothsayer and a seemingly ageless Russian immigrant, to offer his prediction for the game. After examining a stack of animal entrails and spending hours upon hours deep in Transcendental Meditation, Rasputin, who strangely enough was ABC's second choice to play Uncle Charley on "My Three Sons," offered the following prognostication:

"Last year on The Plains, many tears did I cry.
I shook my fist and screamed, 'Why, Dagda, why?'

He told then that our time would come.
When we would win the game and get to have some fun.

And so it will be on October the Eight.
The Hogs - they will win, but they might not look great.

Many yards on the ground will Mr. Michael Dyer gain,
watching Willy try to stop him may cause heartburn and pain.

Our offense, though, too mighty will it be.
Hang on tight for a wild Hog victory."

The mighty warriors of Arkansas - 42,
the mighty warriors of Auburn - 34."

Well, we've heard from Rasputin. What are your thoughts on tomorrow's game? Vote in the poll and pipe up in the comments thread.