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Hog Call Podcast: Talking Auburn Tigers with Jerry Hinnen of

Right on the heels of yesterday's Peabody Award-winning podcast with Bob Holt, it's another edition of Hog Call.

Today's episode features an interview with Jerry Hinnen, a writer for's Eye on College Football blog and a long-time Auburn blogger who is almost certainly the most powerful Auburn alum in Chinle, Ariz. In addition to analyzing this weekend's Auburn-Arkansas match-up, Jerry gives us his thoughts on Houston Nutt, Mark Richt, the Great Alabama-LSU Debate, Cam Newton, Michael Dyer, Gus Malzahn and Missouri's almost-certain entry into the SEC. And, oh yeah, we chat about the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide as well. 

We here at Expats Inc. are long-time fans of Jerry's work, and we greatly appreciate him taking a break from his crazy schedule to chat with us. We hope he stops by these parts again. 

To hear this episode, hit the play button on the widget below. Download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting TalkShoe or iTunes.