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Which Opponent Is Keeping You Up At Nights? (Besides, LSU, Of Course)

The path to 10-1 on the day after Thanksgiving got off to a rocky start last Saturday, but in the end, a "w" was accomplished thanks to the Hogs playing a full third quarter and hanging on at the end of the fourth. I know we all want the Hogs to start playing complete games, and that really needs to start this coming Saturday in Nashville. At the same time, I am wondering what the blog's collective mindset is on the team that will give the Hogs the most trouble before Baton Rouge. Sidenote: I saw where at least the South Carolina game is not an early kickoff, so the Hogs should be awake for it. But as a night game on ESPN, it will compete with the showdown between Bama and LSU. Was really hoping that they would be at different times. Thank CBS and their hunger for primetime ad revenue for that.