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Hey, It's Ole Miss Week

Times are tough in Oxford these days. The Rebel Black Bears are coming off a 52-7 beatdown at the hands of Alabama, players are getting suspended or kicked off the team right and left, fans are taking out anti-administration newspaper ads and Houston Nutt is talking about "hanging onto that rope" (note: that damn rope seems to follow him wherever he goes).

It thus stands to reason that an unknown player will rise out of obscurity to lead Ole Miss to a victory over Arkansas, propelling the team to a winning season and bowl game that allows Nutt and Jimmy Sexton to flirt with other job offers in the offseason and leverage it all for a nice raise and contract extension. Right? Or, maybe Houston doesn't have a magic bullet this time and the Hogs will roll to a win.

We'll get into the predictions when Rasputin stops by the office later this week, but for now I'm curious to hear if the Nutt Bowl remains a extra big game for you or if you've moved on from all the drama. Put democracy to work by voting below, then share your thoughts in the comments section.