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A Very Rude Welcome to the SEC: Hogs 42, Aggies 38




In what could be considered a season-saving win, the Razorbacks outscored the Aggies 28-3 in the second half to cap an absolutely epic comeback and welcome Texas A&M to the SEC with a solid punch in the balls.

The day was full of heroes for the Hogs, most notably Jarius Wright and Tyler Wilson, who etched their names in the list of all-time Arkansas legends by ringing up 281 receiving yards and 510 passing yards, respectively. Props are also due to Dennis "Big Game" Johnson and Broderick "What ACL?" Green for their strong, clutch running in the second half and even to the defense, which manned up and came up with some big stops late after employing the less-successful "wet kleenex" strategy in the first half.

Overall, though, my head is still spinning. After last week's debacle in Tuscaloosa, my expectations were fairly low coming into today, and frankly, the standard Arkansas script calls for a furious comeback that falls heartbreakingly short in these situations (see: 2011 Sugar Bowl), so I'm not entirely sure what to make of the game today. I know I like the feeling though...

The Hogs are now 4-1 heading into the heart of the SEC schedule, with a severely banged-up defense and an offense that, last week aside, is performing up to the high expectations. Where do you see the season heading from here? And what are your thoughts on today's game? Share your favorite moments, keen observations and other thoughts in the comments section...we'd love to hear 'em.