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Reasons to Hate: *The* Ohio State Buckeyes

For the final time in the 2010-11 football season, we cheerfully bring you Reasons to Hate (special BCS edition). Enjoy!

1. The Hogs' National Reputation is at Stake. As much as we hate to admit it, the national perception of the Razorbacks is that of a mid-tier team that pulls off the occasional big win but is certainly not a player on the level of schools like Texas, Alabama or, you guessed it, Ohio State. While beating the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl wouldn't instantly catapult Arkansas into such rarified air, it would be an excellent step in the right direction. So, direct your ire at OSU to help make this happen.

2. SEC! SEC! SEC! We may lose our blogging license for saying this, but the whole SEC vs Big 10 rivalry doesn't interest us all that much...this game is Arkansas vs Ohio State and the other teams simply aren't relevant. But, the fact is, the SEC has a certain glorious tradition of beating the Buckyes in bowl games and we certainly don't want the Hogs to fall short now that it's their turn. You'd better believe the conference big boys will be watching to see how we do: win, and the Razorbacks will earn some well-deserved respect; lose, and the flak that comes our way will be, ahem, quite unpleasant.

3. Terrelle Pryor is, Simply Put, a Jerk. It's quite a gift to us as writers of the Reasons to Hate post when the opposing team has a star player as unlikable as Terrelle Pryor. Whether it was his involvement in (and rather unimpressive apology for) Tat-Gate, the more recent revelation that he's been driving a series of loaner vehicles from local car dealerships (only when his regular car is in the shop, of course!) or his general tendency to shoot off his mouth on a variety of subjects (including the unimpressiveness of the Arkansas D) the man comes across as an all-around ass. If his abilities on the field matched, say, Ryan Mallett's, a little cockiness might be more warranted, but as an inconsistent player whose pro prospects are limited he should probably just shut up.

4. They're Overrated. Remember how Nolan Richardson used to say Arkansas got no respect (he took flak for it, but it was true)? Well, Ohio State is the opposite...they get too much respect. They're definitely a great program and all, but despite what the pundits say, they're a big notch below their supposed peers like Florida, Alabama, Texas, USC, etc.

5. They're More Bland Than Vanilla Pudding. This might be more of a "reasons to fall asleep" than "reasons to hate", but almost everything about Ohio State is boring. Ohio certainly doesn't jump out as one of the more interesting or personality-filled states. OSU's jerseys are bland. They play a boring style of football. Their coach is known for wearing one of the most yawn-inducing garments ever created. Their team name is even a particularly uninteresting tree, for God's sake. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz