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D.J. Williams: NFL Fullback?

In a recent blog post from Senior Bowl practices in exotic Mobile, Ala., Chris Low of ESPN briefly mentions the possibility of everyone's favorite Tweeter, former Razorback tight end D.J. Williams, switching positions if he makes it to the NFL (hat tip to Chris Bahn for the link). Low writes:

Arkansas’ D.J. Williams has been impressive with the way he’s caught the ball and has also showcased his athleticism, but the Scouts Inc. crew thinks he’s probably more of a fullback than a tight end in the NFL.

Here's what Chris Bahn of AS360 had to say on the possibility:

Fullback would be an interesting spot for Williams, a player whose blocking ability was a weakness early in his career. Fullbacks in the NFL — while they are used out of the backfield as receivers — are often more utilized in blocking situations. H-back, a sort of hybrid tight end/fullback position, seems most likely.

Williams’ size is probably a factor in some viewing him as not suitable for tight end in the NFL. He measured under 6-foot-2 and weighed 236 pounds. That would be small for a pass-catching tight end in a league where guys like Antonio Gates (6-4, 260), Tony Gonzalez (6-5, 243) and Jeremy Shockey (6-5, 251) excel.

What are your thoughts? What position do you think D.J. would be most suited for in the NFL?