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Ryan Mallett is Taking Your Questions on Twitter

Ryan Mallett holds virtually every meaningful Arkansas passing record and is headed towards a multimillion dollar contract as a high NFL draft choice, so it'd be easy to assume that his greatest talent is quarterbacking. However, in the last 48 hours or so he has revealed his true calling: the man was born to Tweet.

Since opening his Twitter account (@Ryan_Mallett_15, if you're curious), he's been on a tweeting binge like we've never seen, unleashing a stream of retweets, shout-outs and answers to fans' questions as easily as tossing long bombs in a Red-White scrimmage.

It's the tireless answering of the fans' questions (literally by the dozen) that most intrigues us, of course, as it essentially amounts to a long-running crowdsourced Q&A with pretty much anyone who wants to ask a question. Here are a few things we've learned:

* His favorite superhero is Batman, and his favorite Disney movie is the Lion King.

* The legend of "Who's got a Scantron for Ryan Mallett" is apparently false.

* He's non-committal when choosing between QBs, answering "both" when asked his preference between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and (wisely) declining to predict if Tyler Wilson or Brandon Mitchell will win his starting slot next year.

* He prefers sweet tea to Coke or Pepsi.

And so forth and so on.

We, of course, had to jump into the fray as well and asked him the most important non-Razorback question we know: Beatles or Stones? (Hoping to lead him to the obvious correct answer of the Beatles, naturally). His answer just made us feel old:

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 11.31.36 PM

Here's his Twitter page again if you want to get in on the fun.