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A Trip Down (Bad) Memory Lane: Arkansas vs ULM, 2008

Ah, September 2008. As most of the nation was wrapped up in the most interesting presidential election in decades, the attention of Razorback fans was occupied by a more important matter: the extremely shaky state of the Arkansas football team.

Sitting here in the midst of the high-flying Ryan Mallett Era, it's almost hard to remember, but the Hogs were bad at the beginning of that season. Like, really bad. So bad that they had to mount furious 4th quarter comebacks to defeat  Western Illinois (a Division I-AA team) and Louisiana-Monroe in consecutive weeks, earning them the dubious distinction of being the worst 2-0 team in history. Seems like way more than two years ago, doesn't it?

So, here we sit today, one game into a hugely anticipated season and ready to face the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks again. Although no one expects anything close to a repeat of that 2008 battle (knock on wood), it's worth taking a few minutes to reflect back on that last game and appreciate just how far we've come.

* Check out the official recap and box score. You may feel like sending a belated thank you note to the likes of Michael Smith and Casey Dick.

* Here's our immediate post-game reaction (note the gloomy prediction of not winning again for the rest of the seemed extremely possible at the time) followed by KevinHog's much more substantive eyewitness report.

* The Razorbloggers rounded up reactions from the media...lots of good links here.

* Lastly, enjoy the very slim highlights video of the game.

Once you've checked out those links be sure to take a deep breath and cleanse those memories from your's a very different season now. WPS!