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SEC Power Poll: Week 1

Fall around these parts means three things: football season, a new crop of marginally talented unpaid interns and the SEC Power Poll. Here are our insightful thoughts on the state of the conference after the first weekend of games (our preseason rankings are in parentheses):

1. (1) Alabama - Rolling.

2. (3) Georgia - A nice start to the season...but where's A.J. Green?

3. (2) Florida - Possibly should be lower based on their anemic first game, but moving them below the Hogs so soon would run the risk of jinxing too many things.

4. (4) Arkansas - Season starts on September 18.

5. (7) South Carolina - Very solid opening week just makes the inevitable late season collapse more painful.

6. (5) Auburn - Gus knows offense, but they gave up waaaay too many points against Arkansas State.

7. (7) LSU  - Les Miles just makes everything more fun.

8. (8) Mississippi State - Boldly staking their claim as the best team in Mississippi.

9. (9) Kentucky - We'll repeat last week's hilarious joke: only a few more weeks until basketball season!

10. (10) Tennessee - This weekend's game against Oregon could get ugly.

11. (12) Vanderbilt - Advanced by virtue of losing to a Division 1 team.

12. (9) Ole Miss - The good news is that they don't have to play any more FCS teams this year.