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Final Thoughts on Arkansas vs Tennessee Tech

Game 1 of the 2010 season is now solidly in the rearview mirror, but in the interest of full closure (or perhaps just beating a dead horse), here are a few additional thoughts before we move on to the tussle with Louisiana-Monroe:

* Overall, it felt like a solid enough beatdown, but one that also revealed areas for improvement (or at least crisper execution). That's ok, though...we don't want to peak too soon.
* On that note, I like that we have another game to work out the kinks before heading to Georgia.
* Mark my words: Joe Adams is going to surprise a lot of people this year. Not among Hog fans, of course, because we already know how awesome he is, but the broader group of college football followers and media who may have overlooked him because he missed such a big chunk of last season will soon be jumping on the bandwagon.
* Nice to see Alex Tejada booming those kickoffs into the end zone, huh?
* Even considering the level of competition, the defense deserves props for holding he Golden Eagles to three points and generally dominating after allowing that quick early field goal. Will be interesting to see how they do against a team with a functioning passing game.
* Bobby Petrino is tough: Dennis Johnson averages 20 yards per carry, including a 49-yard run and a TD, and still winds up in the doghouse.
* For additional Expats-style wit and wisdom on the game, be sure to listen to the podcast.
* Looking elsewhere around the Hog Blogosphere, the Razorbloggers have their list of good, bad and ugly moments, and the Hog Database has video highlights (which are better than the one on, for sure).

And last but not least, a new feature here at Arkansas Expats: an animated drive chart! Kind of a fun way to relive the progress of the below to watch (we recommend the full screen version, btw):