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Is It Now Pretty Much a Done Deal That Ole Miss Beats Bama?

Like many of you, I am sure, I had a big schadenfreude grin on my face after watching the special ESPN coverage of Jacksonsville State and Jack Crowe (how many of you knew he was still coaching?) beating Houston Nutt and the Rebels in double overtime. You could have called it the  Fired Razorback Coach Bowl if you wanted to. All the connections and ironies could easily make you think that there is some football scriptwriter behind the paste board mask of television games writing out a script whereupon he/she/it decided yesterday that the Rebels should be the next victim of falling to a non-division one school, and that just a few days after winning the NCAA Masoli appeal that was to make a not so great season into one better than expected.

And now the Great Scriptwriter has made Houston Nutt the coach behind two of Ole Miss's worse losses, the seven overtime game and now this. But in reality, there is no scriptwriter. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that a man's character is his fate. And Houston Nutt's character as a football coach is one of a roller-coaster of emotional highs and then lows. From beating LSU last year (high) to losing to Miss. State (low) to winning an ugly Cotton Bowl (high) to losing to Jacksonsville State (very low). This as Arkansas fans know is pretty much what you get with Nutt.

With that in mind, I am feeling even more confident about my prediction that Ole Miss will beat Bama in Tuscaloosa this year because wouldn't that be a very Houston Nutt type of thing to do after losing to Jacksonville State? So before Ole Miss chooses Dr. Heimlich as their on field mascot, haha, they should just watch things unfold. Nutt will get them on a high again by beating someone they shouldn't (oh, Great Scriptwriter, please don't let it be us!) and then get ready for all the "what heart!" and "didn't let go of the rope" statements, that is until the next head scratching loss. Up and down, up and down, but always going in a circle.

I don't think they are flying banners yet over Oxford, but here is what you'll find over at Red Cup Rebellion right now: "Fire Houston Nutt. Hell yes. This is a knee jerk reaction. And hell yes, I'm drunk. I don't care. Fire Nutt. Fire Tyrone Nix. Strip all of our defenders of their scholarships. If they're not willing to at least pretend like they're in the SEC, then fuck'em. Fuck'em hard."