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Rasputin Unveils His Tennessee Tech Game Prediction. What's Yours?


In anticipation of tomorrow night's battle against mighty Tennessee Tech, we asked Rasputin, our staff soothsayer, to offer his prediction for the game. A Russian immigrant who claims to be hundreds of years old, Rasputin - who once had a torrid love affair with Brigitte Bardot - has been a rabid Razorbacks football fan since the program's debut in 1894.

Admittedly, there's not much suspense about this forecast, as just yesterday we revealed Raz's picks for the entire 2010 season. But he will still appear on the blog each Friday to offer his prediction for the next day's game, which may differ from his pre-season prognostication due to any number of factors. Rasputin offered the thoughts below after spending all of last night communing with nature in the fields adjacent to our corporate headquarters.

"The cold-hearted orb that rules the late-summer night,
tells me in a whisper of the Hogs' season-opening plight,
it says, 'Their effort will be spirited and their touchdowns aplenty,
their opponent will be overmatched and won't break 20!'
my heart then felt light and my spirit flooded with mirth,
tears of joy filled my eyes as I thought of the new season's birth,
but a sobering thought soon did appear,
will this game indicate how the hogs shall fare this year?
no, for now that question unresolved it shall be,
the answer awaits in athens in week number three."

Rasputin then wrote "Arkansas 49, Tennessee Tech 10" on a slip of paper, walked out of our offices' front door without saying another word and hasn't been seen since. Truly inscrutable, that man.

Well, we've heard from Rasputin. What is your prediction for tomorrow night's game?