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Reasons to Hate: Tennessee Tech

Welcome to the 2010 football season! As a public service to you, the Hog fan, we'll once again be providing a handy pre-game cheat sheet detailing why you should hate each one of the Razorbacks' opponents this fall. Some weeks will be easier than others...

1. The Texas Connection. Tennessee Tech Watson Brown just happens to be the older brother of Texas coach Mack Brown. They look a bit alike (see above), so as the Hogs are pounding the Golden Eagles tomorrow you can squint your eyes a bit and pretend that it's Mack and the Longhorns on the other sideline.

2. There's Almost No Upside. TTU is a Division I-AA team, so beating them doesn't exactly win the Razorbacks a lot of respect from observers or points in the vaunted BCS computers. Best case scenario is that we shake off the offseason rust, roll to an easy win and walk off the field with no injuries. Worst case scenario is, well, this (*shudder*).

3. Their Colors Are Vaguely Reminiscent of LSU's. This one requires some imagination, but perhaps the "squint your eyes and pretend" idea from point #1 applies here as well.

4. Their Facebook Page Has 10 Fans. We realize that's not much of an inspiration for frothing at the mouth hatred...maybe this week's installment should have been called "Reasons to Pity"? (h/t @cbahn)