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SEC Power Poll: Week 4

The Hogs were a few minutes away from having the honor of reaching #1 in the Power Poll for the first time ever. Alas, fate turned against us.

Current rankings are below, with last week's in parentheses:

1. (1) Alabama - Darth Saban's Death Star of a team is most definitely fully operational.

2. (5) Auburn - I can sense the Iron Bowl excitement already...

3. (4) Florida - Won't be ranked this high for long.

4. (2) Arkansas - Had it. Lost it.

5. (6) LSU - Would be ranked higher if their defense could just play the whole game.

6. (3) South Carolina - The Cocks are definitely the Hogs of the SEC East.

7. (9) Mississippi State - The SEC West Bulldogs threw a couple of very large burning logs under Mark Richt's chair.

8. (7) Georgia - Thanks for spoiling our signature win so far this season, guys.

9. (8) Kentucky - On pace to beat Florida in about 2074.

10. (10) Vanderbilt - The Commodores had a free week to savor their win over Ole Miss.

11. (11) Tennessee - Sorry, a lucky win over mighty UAB earns you no Power Poll love from us. 

12. (12) Ole Miss - Showing signs of peaking their head out of the doghouse, but we're not ready to commit to that yet.