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Chicken Soup for the Razorback Soul

If you're still feeling a little blue after Saturday's game (and who could blame you?) then hopefully this short post will at least temporarily boost your spirits. Consider it a small dose of chicken soup for your wounded soul.

• Simply put, anytime you need a laugh or two, you should check out former Razorback guard Patrick Beverley's Twitter feed. As we detailed the other day, the man appears to be a wee bit excitable. Follow me after the jump to check out a recent example of how he can be mind-blowingly enthusiastic about life's everyday occurrences.


You know, for Patrick's sake, perhaps it's good that the Hogs lost on Saturday. I'm not sure he could have handled a win.

• However down you may have been feeling after Saturday's loss, your emotion was (hopefully) nothing compared to the pain that poor Dave from Mount Pleasant felt in the fall of 2008 when Tommy Bowden was ousted from the Clemson head coaching job. This clip is reason number 136 why YouTube is the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

Here's hoping Dave is in a better state of mind these days.