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Hog Call Podcast: Reviewing the Alabama Game

At Arkansas Expats Inc., we believe in combating depression with talk therapy. Therefore, while our instincts may have said today was a day for drawing the shades and reading Emily Dickinson poems, we knew that recording another installment of our "Hog Call" podcast was the healthier way to spend our time.

In this episode, with the help of our friend Chris Bahn of, we discuss yesterday's agonizing loss, explore why the  Hogs' running attack is so bad ... and contemplate the awesomeness and mighty power of Willy Robinson's and Steve Caldwell's mustaches. Many thanks to Chris for his time and insight.

You can listen to the episode by hitting the play button on the widget below. You can also download the episode by visiting our show's home page. And if want to subscribe to the podcast and automatically receive future episodes, you can do so by clicking on the orange RSS icon in the widget below. To subscribe through iTunes, just click on the purple iTunes icon.