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Patrick Beverley Is All Atweeter About the Arkansas-Alabama Game

Patrick Beverley left the Razorback basketball program early under some fairly dubious circumstances and didn't appear to enjoy his time at Arkansas all that much. Perhaps appearances were deceiving, however. Whatever the case, he's really excited about today's Razorback-Crimson Tide match-up.

Check out the tweet below, which he posted yesterday afternoon: 


However, this should be placed into context. Judging by his Twitter feed, Patrick seems to be a rather excitable young man. Check out the intensity he brings to what many would consider a somewhat ho-hum dilemma:

Beverley 2

I'm guessing Patrick is not the only Razorback fan feeling a little overly caffeinated right now.

Game thread will go up around 3 o'clock EST. In the meantime, how are your pre-game nerves holding up?