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SEC Power Poll: Week 3

The Power Poll is starting to take shape as the season progresses. The most interesting element of that, of course, is the Hogs' position at #2 - the highest they've been in the three glorious seasons that we've been submitting ballots. Only one team lies ahead, and of course that team is rolling into Fayetteville this weekend.

Here's our ballot, with last week's rankings in parentheses.

1. (1) Alabama - According to their fans, they might never lose a game. That theory will be put to the test on Saturday.

2. (5) Arkansas - Say, this Mallett kid might turn out to be ok after all.

3. (2) South Carolina - A strong start, but the first road test looms.

4. (4) Florida - A big week for the Gators: they won in Knoxville, and no players were arrested.

5. (3) Auburn - Showed grit against Clemson, but you don't earn points by having to grind out a home win against a middle of the pack ACC team.

6. (7) LSU - The Tigers are poised to make a big jump in our rankings in the coming weeks.

7. (6) Georgia - Losing back-to-back against the SEC's newcomers is a tough pill for old guard Dawg fans to swallow.

8. (9) Kentucky - Amazingly, it's almost October and they *still* haven't played anyone. That changes soon enough.

9. (8) Mississippi State - We still think these guys will pull off at least one big upset this year.

10. (11) Vanderbilt - Revenge of the nerds.

11. (10) Tennessee - Are fans pining for the glory days of the Lane Kiffin era?

12. (12) Ole Miss - Rebel fans are firmly strapped into the Houston Nutt roller coaster now. It's a wacky ride!