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Arkansas 31, Georgia 24: 19 Nervous Breakdowns.

Holy crap. My nerves are thoroughly TOASTED.

From the supreme happiness and giddiness of the third quarter to the catatonic depression of much of the fourth to the crazed delirium after Greg Child's TD to the oh-my-god-they're-going-to-tie-the-game! reaction to Aaron Murray's last-second Hail Mary, I have experienced way too many extreme emotional states this afternoon.

In other words, I had a blast.

Days like today are why we love sports (of course if we had lost, today would be an occasion to question why we invest so much time and emotional capital in a bunch of teenagers and twentysomethings chasing a ball around the field).

But here are the facts: the Hogs just notched their first road win in nearly two years. They just notched a road win against one of the SEC's signature programs. They just won a game that many of us said they had to win in order for them to have the season that we all want them to. And they just won the kind of game that we've seen them lose way, way too many times over the years: one in which they fail to stem the home team's furious late-game comeback.

And they're undefeated heading into next week's showdown against the sainted Crimson Tide.

Let's get ready to rumble! Woo Pig Sooie!

More thoughts to come in the hours and days ahead, including a mighty podcast tomorrow in which we join forces with the Razorbloggers. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments thread. And raise a toast to the Hogs!