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Rasputin Unveils Georgia Game Prediction. What's Yours?


In anticipation of tomorrow's battle against Georgia, we asked Rasputin, our staff soothsayer, to offer his prediction for the game. A seemingly hundreds-of-years-old Russian immigrant, Rasputin - who once served as the in-house tarot card reader for Apple Records and who also briefly played bass in the Dave Clark Five - has been a rabid Razorbacks football fan since the program's debut in 1894.

As you may recall, when Rasputin unveiled his forecast for the 2010 season earlier this month, he predicted a loss in Athens. However, while performing his usual array of soothsaying activities this week (quick aside: Raz, you really need to invest in a better odor-control system for those animal entrails), he began to reconsider. His prediction is after the jump:

"The Serbian ballerina of whom I have so often dreamed,
said in a haunting whisper,
'Things are not as they once seemed!'
Oh dear fragile beauty, please telleth me more
She laughed and said only, 'You'll be pleased with the score!'

A moment's contemplation and the meaning was clear:
the Arkansas-Georgia game shall end differently this year!
Our warriors shall defend and kick better than I once thought:
The Hogs shall be victorious but not by a lot!

The mighty and gallant warriors of Arkansas - 31,
the worthy and most honorable opponents of Georgia - 28

Well, we've heard from Rasputin. Now let's hear from you: