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Reasons to Hate: Georgia

As a public service to you, the Hog fan, we provide a handy pre-game cheat sheet detailing why you should hate each one of the Razorbacks' opponents. Some weeks will be easier than others...

1. Last Year's Game. The 2009 matchup with the Bulldogs was a statement game much like this year's is. Unfortunately the statement was that Arkansas' unbelievably good offense was more than surpassed by an unbelievably bad defense. To be fair to the D, they did get better as the season went on but we're still slightly scarred by what, upon recollection, seems like at least 8 or 9 long TD bombs from Joe "Ginger Ninja" Cox to wide open receivers.

2. "Bobby Beezlebub". Scientists estimate that it will be at least 2070 before Atlanta-based media figures stop referring to Petrino with hilarious nicknames like that one. Lest you think it's just the media who despises the Hogs' coach for being OMG THE WORST PERSON EVER, turn your eyes toward the comments section of our recent Q&A with Dawg blogger Kyle King...although Kyle tried to argue that UGA fans don't care about Petrino one way or the other, his fellow Georgia fans quickly proved otherwise.

3. A Certain Lack of Self-Awareness. Many Georgians like to consider themselves a cut above the rest of the South, delicately fanning themselves while they sip their mint juleps on their plantation porches and turn up their noses at the mere thought of scruffy barbarians from - ugh - Arkansas dirtying their field of vision. But as this video shows, their fans can be just as SEC-style insane as anyone else's.

4. This Video. It might actually be more of a reason to feel sorry for Georgia, but this clip (actually intended as a promotional piece) is the most painfully awkward thing we've seen in a long, long time. Words can't do it justice, so just watch the thing...and keep an eye out for Mark Richt, who had the poor judgement to actually make a cameo. (Technical note: you may need to turn off your web browser's dork-blocking software before viewing.)