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SEC Power Poll: Week 2

We shook up our SEC Power Poll rankings a bit after the second week of games. Don't worry, though - if the Hogs can beat Georgia they'll shoot right up to the top.

1. (1) Alabama - All they have to do is get past noted football powerhouse Duke to roll into Fayetteville as the undefeated #1 team.

2. (5) South Carolina - Somewhere, Marcus Lattimore is still running.

3. (6) Auburn - Jumps over the Gators and Hogs due to their SEC road win.

4. (3) Florida - On the bright side, they lead the conference in players sending death threats via text message.

5. (4) Arkansas - Just like we all predicted, the defense and special teams are carrying the offense so far this year.

6. (2) Georgia - For what it's worth, they're totally getting screwed by the NCAA on this A.J. Green thing.

7. (7) LSU - They're loaded with talent, but we just don't see them getting it done this year.

8. (8) Mississippi State - Certainly had their chances against Auburn, but couldn't close the deal.

9. (9) Kentucky - [Insert your own John Calipari joke here.]

10. (10) Tennessee - They just weren't ready to compete with Pac-10 speed.

11. (11) Vanderbilt - Players were distracted by final exams looming in December.

12. (12) Ole Miss - Losing to a Division I-AA team gets you two weeks in the doghouse. Them's the rules.