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Arkansas-ULM: Kind of a Weird One to Process

Funny game tonight. For much of the first three quarters, the Razorbacks' offense looked downright bad, frequently tripping over their own feet with an unholy mix of turnovers, poor running, overthrown passes and penalties, only to be repeatedly bailed out by the defense and special teams. Strange, huh?

But, in the 4th quarter Ryan Mallet got on track and rolled to what might be the quietest 400 yard passing game in history. Yes, it feels a bit weird to be grousing about that sort of statistical performance, but if they bring that sloppy execution into Athens (or against Bama, or Auburn, etc, etc) then the result will most definitely not be a 31-7 win.

It remains to be seen how they'll do against an SEC opponent, of course, but the defense has looked damn good these first two games and that's encouraging. And surely the offense will execute better.

At any rate, here we are are at 2-0 and ready to face the big, bad conference schedule. What are your thoughts on where things stand?