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Tuesday Hodge Podge

Some links to enjoy while you think about where to hide your laptop from Jeremiah Masoli:

* Phil Steele vs Chris Low: Who Wins? It seems that two of our favorite college football experts have a different take on the Hogs' secondary this year. In our recent Q&A, Steele said he expects "large improvement" from the Razorback DBs, and ranks them the 19th best unit in the country. On the flip side, Low placed the Arkansas secondary an unimpressive 12th out of 12 in his SEC rankings. So who's right?

* The Heisman Race is On. The Heisman Pundit has posted his preseason thoughts on this year's Heisman race and, not surprisingly, Ryan Mallett is in the conversation (specifically, he's ranked 6th). He notes that Mallett will have to excel in the brutal early season stretch against Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M and Auburn to have much of a chance, but also notes that he's the SEC's #1 candidate (Bama fans might disagree).

* Houston Nutt is Canceling His SI Subscription. Sports Illustrated scribe Stuart Mandel went medieval on Nutt in his column yesterday, accusing him of being the epitome of a dirty coach for allowing noted troublemaker (and, coincidentally, talented QB) Jeremiah Masoli to fulfill his lifelong dream of pursuing a Parks & Recreation graduate degree at the University of Mississippi. Personally, the whole thing feels way overheated to me (A college football coach putting aside ethics for a chance to win?? Somebody fetch my smelling salts!), but it was still kind of fun to read.

* Patrick Beverly is the Luckiest Man Alive. He's parlayed his ignominious exit from Arkansas into a shot at playing for the insanely talented (and widely hated) Miami Heat. Not too shabby.

* Exercise Your Right to Vote. Our friends at Team Speed Kills are polling their readers for opinions about each SEC team this summer. Here's the link to the Arkansas poll - be sure to go there and put in lots of positive votes to help defend against the snarky comments that are otherwise sure to follow (and, let's be realistic, will probably follow anyway).