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How Will the Razorbacks' 2010 Season Play Out? The Computers Have Spoken.

Sure we're all excited about the 2010 season, but it's so hard to handle the suspense of not knowing what's really going to happen. Can the Hogs knock off Georgia and/or Alabama? Will we fall victim to a Nutty upset in Fayetteville? What kind of bowl will we go to?

Luckily, it's 2010 and these sorts of questions can be definitively answered with computers. So, if you want to know how it all plays out, put down the keys to your flying car and follow me after the jump, because we have the final word on the Hogs' season from not one, but two high-tech oracles.

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you want to be surprised!

And now, the answers...


According to the computer simulation, the Hogs will finish 5-3 in the conference and 9-3 overall. Confusingly, they also break down each individual game and only have us losing losing 30-34 and 38-39 heartbreakers to Alabama and Auburn, respectively. On the plus side, victories like 41-37 over Georgia and 37-28 over LSU will have the fans calling the Hogs. And did you know we have a 68% chance of beating Ole Miss?

From Prediction

These guys don't get as specific in their game-by-game breakdowns, but they're also calling for a 9-3 season. Their computer used all its processing power to deduce that Ryan Mallett is our offensive MVP, and it also called for Jake Bequette to be the top defensive star and Dennis Johnson to be the breakout player. Alas, in the end the Razorbacks revert to their traditional postseason form, losing a 21-23 battle to Iowa in the Capital One Bowl.

So, fellow Hog fans, there you have it. I hope knowing the outcomes in advance doesn't spoil the season for you...looking on the bright side, now that you don't have to actually watch the games you'll have a lot more free time on those beautiful fall Saturdays.