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By the Numbers: Mallett's Home Cooking vs Road Troubles

We're not exactly numbers experts here at Arkansas Experts, Inc, but we do know this: Ryan Mallett was a lot more awesome at home than on the road last year. His completion rate in the Natural State was an impressive 65%, but beyond the borders it was a woeful 39%. Ouch.

To bring all this to life, Expats reader SmooveP (who happens to earn his living as a graphic designer when he's not commenting on this site) was kind enough to create the snazzy infographic shown below. Many thanks to Smoove for sharing his talents...he also backed up his design work with an excellent post detailing what all this means for the 2010 season that you should definitely read.

Mallett Stats 2009

(Click here to see a larger version.)

Many, many thanks to Smoove for his great work here. As for the home/road discrepancy, are we going to fix it this year? And how? Let us know what you think in the comments section.