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Way Back Wednesdays: Arkansas 14, Texas 13 - October 1991

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Each Wednesday, we take a look back at a memorable and/or important (to us, anyway) Razorback game. So, sit back, relax and let the memories (and, in some cases, the heartache and angst) flow.

This contest marked the last time Arkansas and Texas met as Southwest Conference foes, and in the end, it was more about the Longhorns choking than any particular Razorback heroism. But knowing that Texas utterly blew its chance to send the Hogs out of the SWC with a loss just makes this game even sweeter. Arkansas jumped out to a 14-point lead in the first half and then watched as the Horns missed both a PAT and a 39-yd field goal in the 4th quarter to seal their fate.

This one holds a special memory for both your Expats editors, as Stephen and I watched the game from the War Memorial south end zone and deliriously ran out onto the field with thousands of other giddy fans when time expired.

It really felt like a final middle finger to Texas and all of the SWC before we moved on to greener pastures. Random note: On the day before this game, the final issue of the late, lamented Arkansas Gazette arrived on doorsteps, making it a big weekend in Arkansas history.

Footage of this unforgettable game is featured after the jump. Be sure to share your memories of this contest in the comments thread.