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Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Train

Breaking news: the sun rose in the east this morning, the sky remains blue, and the hyper-intense fringe of Razorback fans has embarrassed the rest of us by demonstrating a general lack of perspective on the importance of college football vs real life.

AS360 has a much more complete recap, but here's the short version: a reporter for Hog Sports Radio (with the rather awesome name of Renee Gork) made the idiotic decision to wear a Florida Gators hat to the post-scrimmage press conference on Saturday, was then rather gently rebuked for that poor fashion choice by Bobby Petrino and Ryan Mallett, and by Monday had been fired from her job after an online uprising by the aforementioned fringe (apparently they were bored by the lack of recent Houston Nutt-related news).

Now, if you're employed by an organization called Hog Sports Radio is it a bad idea to wear an opposing team's gear to an official work event? Yes, it absolutely is...that move probably ranks as the dumbest thing I've heard in recent memory. Were Petrino and Mallett within their rights to call her out on that? Again, yes, and I'm glad they did.

But, is that the sort of grievous offense that should inspire multiple adults, who presumably have better things to do with their time, to track down her personal information and post it all over the web so she can be the target of direct attacks? Should it cause someone to lose their job? No and no. For us reality-based Arkansans, it's a pretty embarrassing event all around.

What a ridiculous situation.