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From the Wally Hall Vaults: Robertson vs Mills

We've been known to poke a little fun at Wally Hall from time to time, but also believe in giving people credit when credit is due (we're just great guys that way). So, allow us to confound your expectations (and ours) by saying that the latest post on his Like It Is blog is a really good read.

Yes, it approaches the main point in a classically Wallyish meandering style, and takes a few detours along the way, but the tale of a practice fight between former Razorback star and all-around non-upstanding citizen Alvin Robertson vs former Razorback disappointment and noted miscreant William Mills is a fun one. It's extra enjoyable if you share our obsession with the minutiae of 80's-era Hog basketball.

And thus concludes today's unexpected endorsement from Arkansas Expats, Inc.