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Quick Programming Note

Greetings Expats readers. This is a big week for college football (at least compared to the many slow weeks preceding it)...the SEC media days mark the unofficial beginning of the preseason, at least, and both the hype and backlash to the hype around Arkansas' upcoming season should kick up another level or two.

While there will undoubtedly be lots of discussion-worthy material coming out of the sessions in Hoover, Alabama, we here at Expats, Inc will be unfortunately a bit on the sidelines - Stephen, John and Kevin are each out for much of the week on personal business (what kind of SEC bloggers schedule personal business during media week, you might ask), and the interns we sent made a detour to Panama City and were last spotted running up a massive tab on the SB Nation corporate card.

But, we do have some good news to counter your massive disappointment: we've added Derek Jenkins, a genuinely great writer, to our stable of Razorback obsessives. A longtime chronicler of the Hogs over at the Arkansas Times website with his weekly column called "A Boy Named Sooie", he'll be posting here from time to time as well. Expect his thoughts on the 2010 season coming soon, and if you're not familiar with his work head over to his Arkansas Times archive to brush up.

So, be sure to give Derek a big Arkansas Expats welcome, and we'll all be back in full force next week (with sporadic posts until then, too).