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Ryan Mallett: Should We Be Worried?

It's been a weird spring for Ryan Mallett. Although he's racking up preseason accolade after accolade, and surely will be on the short list of folks hyped for all the major awards (Heisman, Davey O'Brien, SEC player of the year, etc) he also has what's feeling like an increasingly worrisome foot injury.

The latest news is that he's pulled out of the upcoming Manning Passing Academy...the original excuse was that he had class (yeah, right), and that was then amended to admit that, by the way, he also needs to rehab his foot after his 2nd (!) surgery of the year.

Brandon Marcello at the Slophouse is tracking the situation with his "Foot Watch" timeline, which reveals that this saga has been going on since February 17. At the time, a 3-4 month recovery time was announced as "very conservative", but here we are in the 5th month and it's still not publicly clear how healthy the foot really is (the 2nd surgery was on June 9).

So, Expats readers, tell me this: should we be worried? I don't need to tell anyone that a season without Mallett at full strength would be, well, disappointing.