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Don't Look Now, but Football Season is Right Around the Corner

Well, that might be overstating things a bit (it's still about six weeks until the games start), but we're definitely moving out of the spring/summer dead zone and into a period of increased news and activity. The SEC media days are next week, followed by preseason training camp, and then we're practically there. Stay strong, everybody - we're going to make it.

To further whet your appetites, let's look at a couple of season previews. Here are two excellent sources of Razorback reading material that you won't want to miss:

* has put together an excellent overview of the 2010 Razorbacks. Want to know who the 10 best players on the team are? They take a stab at it. They've also got detailed breakdowns of the offense and defense. Overall, it's a must read.

* Looking locally, the good people at AS360 have put together a massive season preview of their own. It's available in an old-school print version, but there's also a nifty online app that lets you flip through the pages on your computer. Great stuff.

As for us, if we can ever get our interns in gear we're planning on releasing a 1,500 page breakdown of every possible aspect of the season. If that unexpectedly falls through, we'll keep you posted on a backup plan.