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October 30th Opponent's Head Coach Retires

It is all over the internet this afternoon that Bobby Johnson has suddenly stepped down from his head coaching job at Vanderbilt. I guess 29 wins since 2002, including a rare bowl win, was enough for him. He said in his press conference that there was more to life than football. Who knew that being the head coach at Vanderbilt was such an all consuming job? haha. Florida, I can see that. Alabama, yeah, you bet. But low expectations Vanderbilt? Oh, well. Here is an instant poll for you, for I only bring this up on an Arkansas website because we play Vanderbilt in the fall. Though I am still writing student loan checks to Vanderbilt, as I was doing in 2005, I sure better not this year have to write one to them after watching the Hogs lose to them again in Fayetteville. You hear that, Coach Petrino? Tell us what you think.