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Not-Breaking News: Paul Finebaum is a Dick

Here we are in the early days of the summer when people who follow and report on college football really don't have all that much to talk about and thus occasionally scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to content ideas (we here at Arkansas Expats would never do that, of course).

In that category, we have the Alabama-based radio host and newspaper columnist Paul Finebaum, who decided to liven up the doldrums by taking a break from alternately enraging Bama and Auburn fans to announce that Arkansas and South Carolina were dragging the SEC down and should be booted from the conference. He gets a few good zingers in, but obviously it's an inane suggestion given the Hogs' football success relative to several other teams and the national championship banner that hangs from the roster of Bud Walton Arena.

So, before you get too riled up here, it's worth remembering two things:

1. The rest of the SEC doesn't really respect Arkansas, and probably won't until we have about 80 more years of shared history under our belts. It's annoying, but that's just the way it the meantime, the best revenge is to drive the old guard snobs crazy by winning as much as possible.

2. Paul Finebaum makes his living driving people crazy with various obnoxious statements and proclamations, and should generally be ignored as much as possible.

For further perspective on the issue, we direct you to Jim Harris, Brandon Marcello and the old greybeard himself, Wally Hall, who turns in a gem of a column (paid access required, unfortunately) that manages to compare Texas to both the homecoming queen and Fidel Castro in the span of two sentences.

In the end, it all makes for some fun summertime reading but don't let it get your blood pressure up too high...there will be plenty of time for that sort of excitement this fall.